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Our door range includes products for all types of needs where high demands are put on strength and durability. The architectural adaptability is there because of the almost unlimited possibilities with the color selection. 

With a frame in both aluminum and steel, the doors are manufactured and fitted with specific glass, based on the unique needs of each project. Additional features for fire protection, anti-burglary protection, and bullet-proof glass are important additions in many projects. As an option, our doors can be fitted with different types of locks, fittings and automatic opening systems, swing door and sliding door opener with custom control.


Windows are constantly exposed to intense stress from the weather, environmental stresses, and daily wear. Today’s environmental requirements are directed largely towards the areas of acoustics, sound insulation and the ability to isolate.
Windows from GlasLindberg are built with an aluminum frame and insulated glass, that meets the highest requirements in the market. Requirements for aesthetics and design along with maintenance freedom together with flexible solutions for fittings opening and locking are an important part of our products.


Our facade solutions are based on proven technology and meet the highest requirements for insulation and density, aesthetics and design along with maintenance freedom. The products are designed for stable, dense and safe construction of all existing self-supporting facade types such as Curtain Walling, element facades and structural glazing.
Facade materials such as glass, natural stone, and metal cassettes can be integrated into our facade solutions. The glass is adapted to the unique needs of each project.
Examples of glass features are isolating value, personal protection, sun protection or self-cleaning glass.


Our glass roofs belong to a well-developed generation that satisfies the market and authorities’ high functional requirements. The glass roofs have endless possibilities and are offered in any shape possible.
Static glass roofs can be built with large spans where the profiles are insulated with a longitudinal insulator for sound insulation. The glass is adapted to the needs of the unique project.
The glass roof can be fitted with hatches that are controlled with automatic opening.

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