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Welcome to GlasLindberg

Founded in 1904, GlasLindberg is the leading manufacturer of glass and aluminium building systems in Sweden.
The main areas of our product lines are; doors/windows, facades/roofs. Our success is built on our commitment to deliver excellence in everything that we do, with a team that thrives on working with leading suppliers while offering our customers continuity and innovation.

Our organization is nationwide with four offices throughout Sweden; Malmö, Strömsnäsbruk, Örebro, and Örnsköldsvik. Our main office is in Malmö and our factory is in Strömsnäsbruk. For more than one hundred years as an industry leader, GlasLindberg has represented continuity and innovation, and we expect to do so for the next hundred years to come.


GlasLindberg has a long and extensive experience with manufacturing.
We apply a quality system which is approved by RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden.
This system regulates everything from our work routines to our product quality, which is why our products and installations are marked with the
P-quality brand. It is essential for us that production is integrated into our contracting operations for it ensures the quality when we have the overall responsability for our contracts.

The Enviorment

GlasLindberg is and shall always be a leader and driving environmental force within our field. We are certified according to SS-EN ISO 14001:2015, with regards to manufacturing, sale, and installation of doors, windows, facades, and roofs.
Environmental friendly manufacturing in conjunction with recycling is a driving force and competitive tool for us. We conserve energy and raw materials and strive for a minimum of waste and destruction, and we continue to educate ourselves to make sure that we are always at the forefront.

A Leader

As a leader in Scandinavia for glass and aluminum systems, we have been involved in a variety of exciting projects through the decades.
Visions are seen differently over time and expectations have risen along with the development of technology, materials, and skills.
At GlasLindberg, we are focusing on maintaining and strengthening our position as a leading glass construction company.
GlasLindberg is characterized by a decentralized organization where decisions are made at the levels where they belong. For us, personal responsibility and leadership go hand in hand.

For more information please contact:

Thomas Holmqvist


Kristofer Sveger

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