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Welcome to GlasLindberg

GlasLindberg was founded in 1904. For more than a century we’ve kept the vision of the glazed room alive. It is important to us to maintain our market position through excellence, quality and reliability. Our organization is nationwide and our main product areas are aluminum doors-, windows, glass facades and glass roofs.
GlasLindberg's mission is to use the natural and essential functions of glass, such as light, space and solar heat transmission, in foremost exterior, but also interior use.
In collaboration with leading suppliers, we offer complete solutions to our customers. This means that we take full responsibility for the integrated features such as sun, alarm, and various types of ventilation. Our designers have great experience from a wide range of complex projects.


We apply a quality system approved by SP, Swedish National Testing and Research Institute. The quality system regulates both the work practices and product quality, which is why our products and installations are marked with the quality symbol, P-quality brand.
It is essential that production is integrated in our contracting operations for it ensures the quality, when we take full responsibility for glass works.

The Environment

GlasLindberg is certified according to EN ISO 14001:2004 for the manufacture, sale and installation of doors, windows, facades and roofs in glass and aluminum.
Environmentally friendly production and use in conjunction with recycling is a beacon and a competitive tool for GlasLindberg. We conserve energy and raw materials in our business and are striving for a minimum of waste and destruction.
Environmental improvement are encouraged and implemented continuously. GlasLindberg shall be a leading and strong environmental force in the glass industry.

A Leader

As a leader in Sweden for glass and metal systems, we have been involved in a variety of exciting projects through the decades. Visions are seen differently over time and expectations have risen along with the development of technology, materials and skills.
At GlasLindberg, we are focusing on maintaining and strengthening our position as a leading glass construction company. GlasLindberg is characterized by a decentralized organization where decisions are made at the levels where they belong. For us, personal responsibility and leadership go hand in hand.

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Contact Information

Main Office

Ö Varvsgatan 4, 4th fl.

GlasLindberg Fasad AB
Box 501 24
202 11 Malmö, Sweden

Phn: +46 40 680 64 40
Fax: +46 40 680 64 41


Our product range

  • Doors & Entrances
  • Windows
  • Facades
  • Glazed Roof

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